Welcome to the Global Wisdom Initiative
Welcome to the Global Wisdom Initiative...

image The Global Wisdom Initiative is a large-scale project for harnessing eight emerging new sciences and technologies to enlarge Hinduism’s sphere of influence around the world. Through proper application, these technologies can drive transformative changes in knowledge and behavior which generate profound benefits for human beings and mankind.

This page provides an overview of the Global Wisdom Initiative and its benefits for your family, the Hindu organizations you care about, and humanity. If the Initiative’s mission and goals resonate with your family’s values, we invite you to contact us.
Benefits to Your Family

The Global Wisdom Initiative will enable human beings to preserve their accumulated knowledge and learning across lifetimes. This development has profound implications for individuals, families and society.
1. Landmark discovery
For the first time in the history of the human race, there is a way for departing generations to carry their wisdom with them and preserve their accumulated knowledge across lifetimes.
4. Permanent networks
Members can build permanent family, business and social networks with each other, including family dynasties, continual friendships, and perpetual enterprises.
2. Continuous Identity
Trans-life memory systems can allow individuals to store memories in one lifetime and retrieve them in a subsequent one, thereby achieving a continuous identity which can span centuries.
5. New social forms
These revolutionary new social forms will foster greater progress in the arts and sciences, and alter the underlying fabric of society, including the structure of families and the distribution of wealth.
3. New abilities
The emergence of trans-life memory systems will facilitate accelerated spiritual evolution for individuals, while enabling members to build permanent connections with others within the system.
6. Perpetual families
Permanent family networks can enable returning family members rejoin their loved ones, enlarging the spiritual dimension of families.
Participating in the Global Wisdom Initiative can also help to safeguard your family’s future, re-attract younger generations into spirituality, enlarge your legacy, preserve family history, and expand your social network.
1. Make the world a safer place for your children and grandchildren
The blistering pace of scientific advance is outstripping humanity’s ability to manage technology wisely, creating escalating risks which may imperil our children’s future. A global initiative to expand Hinduism’s influence around the world can enrich humanity’s collective wisdom to mitigate these risks and safely manage the exponential growth of technology in the 21st Century and beyond.
2. Re-engage younger family members into their spiritual heritage
Young people are drawn to dynamic new ideas, especially those involving technology. By offering discussion groups, study groups and education around the initiative, Hindu organizations, schools and temples can re-engage young people. Re-attracting younger generations on their own terms can rekindle their interest in their spiritual heritage and draw them back to its treasures.
3. Enlarge the dimensions of your family legacy
This wisdom initiative will give Hindu family foundations greater power to change global conditions at root cause (rather than applying band-aids or treating symptoms). Families who magnify the results of their philanthropy will enlarge their legacies to future generations.
4. Preserve family history for future generations
Participating families can create permanent archives which bring their lives, values and ideals to life for future generations. Through text, images, and video recordings, family members can share their personalities, life stories and advice with their descendants for centuries.

5. Develop valuable relationships with other participating families
Participating in this initiative will allow your family to develop meaningful dialogs with other prominent families and groups in the global wisdom community.
Benefits to Hindu Organizations You Care About

The Global Wisdom Initiative will generate worldwide excitement and interest on an unprecedented scale, energizing and invigorating participating organizations.

This initiative will strengthen Hindu temples, associations, societies, councils, charities, cultural centers, schools and meditation centers in six ways. Through active support, your family can advance the worldwide expansion of Hinduism, helping Hindu-affiliated organizations you care about to realize the following strategic advantages:
Expand and grow membership and realize a substantial lift in enrollments
Boost fundraising and attract more donors, sponsors and supporters
Energize constituents and increase member engagement
Re-engage younger generations and expand volunteers
Increase member participation and raise attendance at events
Develop valuable relationships with other organizations in the global wisdom community
Benefits to Humanity

Eight powerful new cognitive sciences and technologies are emerging which have overarching implications for the worldwide expansion of Hinduism.
1. Proving reincarnation
By harnessing these emerging sciences and technologies, India can conduct a large-scale experiment which establishes unequivocal scientific proof of reincarnation.
4. Accelerating evolution
These changes will create an explosive demand for spiritual guidance and education, accelerating human conscious evolution.
2. Expanding influence
Through a global initiative to expand Hinduism’s sphere of influence, India and her diaspora can enrich humanity’s collective wisdom to meet the challenges that face the world today.
5. Changing history
This achievement will legitimize the dharmic traditions, intensify the popularity of Hinduism, boost India’s worldwide leadership position in ideology, and change the course of human history.
3. Golden age
Global acceptance of reincarnation as a scientific fact will open a golden age of wisdom, toppling materialistic paradigms in the West and reinvigorating spiritual traditions in the East.

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